Creed: Summer of ’99 and Beyond Festival with 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, Finger Eleven, Fuel, Vertical Horizon and the Verve Pipe. at Glen Helen Amphitheater

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Glen Helen Amphitheater | San Bernardino, California


Yo, Cali rock fiends! Get ready to time-travel to the Summer of '99 and Beyond Festival, headlined by the iconic Creed, the sometimes soft-rock, sometimes hard-rock, sometimes Christian-rock band, Creed have reunited and are bringing America their biggest tour yet, the Summer of ’99 and Beyond Festival will be at San Bernardino’s Glen Helen Amphitheater on Saturday, August 31st 2024, and will also feature sets from 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, Finger Eleven, Fuel, Vertical Horizon and the Verve Pipe.

Creed's Summer of '99 and Beyond Festival – it's not just a concert; it's a rock revival you can't afford to miss. Get on it, rock warriors! Don't be the one hearing about it later; be the legend who lived it. Tickets are flying faster than a guitar solo, and you don't wanna miss out. Grab your crew, snag those tickets, and let's make August 31st a day to remember.

Creed's back, ready to rock like it's the Summer of '99! And they've brought along some heavy hitters to make this festival a sonic boom you won't forget. It's like a musical time machine, taking you back to an era of post-grunge awesomeness. You will soon be standing on that lawn, the sun setting, the crowd buzzing, and Creed hitting the stage with classics like "My Own Prison" and "Higher." Pure rock euphoria!!! You'll be living those late '90s vibes with every chord, every beat. It's not just a show; it's a journey through the anthems of a generation.

But hold on, it's not just Creed! 3 Doors Down is gonna hit you with "Kryptonite," Daughtry's gonna bring the house down with "It's Not Over," and Finger Eleven will have you rocking to "Paralyzer." It's a playlist straight from the heyday of 90s rock, and you're in for a wild, wild ride.

Originating from Tallahassee, Florida, Creed achieved mainstream success as an American post-grunge band. Weathered, My Own Prison, and Human Clay are the band's three studio albums.

The band officially achieved mainstream success with their second album, Human Clay, in 1999 and 2000. The album's first song, Higher, held the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart record for 18 weeks, and later, With Arms Wide Open, was a huge hit. Human Clay is their most successful album, and has gone 11-times platinum. Weathered, their third and final album, was released in 2001. It topped the Billboard Top 200 for eight weeks, a record Creed shares with The Beatles. Hit singles, My Sacrifice and One Last Breath drove its breakthrough. The album is 6x platinum.

Creed split on June 4, 2004. Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and former bassist Brian Marshall created Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy, while Scott Stapp had a solo album, The Great Divide, with Roadrunner Records artist Goneblind.

Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, an epicenter of rock madness, this place has seen many legends grace its stage, and the vibes are always on point. The venue's got a rep for delivering mind-blowing shows, and this festival will be no exception. Think killer sound, epic visuals, and a crowd that's as hyped as you are. Grab your tickets to Creed’s comeback tour and re-live the glory of the Summer of ‘99!!!

Creed at Glen Helen Amphitheater

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