Nocturnal Wonderland at Glen Helen Amphitheater

Nocturnal Wonderland Tickets

Glen Helen Amphitheater | San Bernardino, California

Pack your things, night owls and head off to the Nocturnal Wonderland on 21st of September 2013 at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California! As the day turns to dusk, the air will be filled with fabulous electronic music and the party will begin with the grandiosity of illuminated art, the night sky will set alight by pyrotechnics and you’ll be enthralled by world-class artists and performers. It’s the perfect event to experience a magical night you would never want to end.

Nocturnal Wonderland at the San Manuel Amphitheater

Nocturnal Wonderland is an enormous fair presented by Insomniac that brings music celebrities and more than 100 artists and performers from different parts of the world to wide audiences of musical fanatics. There are usually five stages in the event, each were magnificently and uniquely decorated according to themes. Some examples of stages are trance genre lovers’ paradise “The Labyrinth” which typically held in a building adorned with over-sized stacks of speakers, smoke machines, multi-colored props and awe-inspiring lights. If you wanna chill out with upbeat music then go straight to the outdoor and absorb all the marvels of the are called “Alice’s House”. Feeling like you have intense energy dying to flare up? Man, the “Sunken Garden” is the place to be! Nocturnal Wonderland literally has anything to go with your mood! The dreamlike landscape will be bursting with enchanted lightings, special effects, fire dancers, performers and gigantic rides.

Would you dare miss the chance to live your dream for a day? This is it! The perfectly entrancing place you thought to be faraway came near you! The best moment of your life looms so close, just waiting for you to make it happen. Get your tickets.

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