Glen Helen Amphitheater Tickets

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The Glen Helen Amphitheater, previously known as the San Manuel Amphitheater located in the centre of the iconic San Bernardino, California is notorious across the state for being the biggest outdoor music venue in the entire country, and the place where you can see your favorite artists and musicians live!

Since their opening in 1993, this cathedral for live music has been delivering some of the all-time greats as well as the most popular current artists across a huge variety of genres. Their opening offered up a never before seen opportunity for music fans in San Bernardino to see their favorite artists and performers live on stage in their own city, and The Glen Helen Amphitheater did not disappoint. Some of the legendary festivals they’ve hosted include; Anger Management Tour, LA Invasion Festival, Rock & Roll Blowout Festival, Ozzfest, and Crue Fest!

Not only are the best artists anywhere in the world brought to this venue to put on the show of a lifetime, but the Glen Helen Amphitheater also prides itself on giving visitors a stress-free experience with added benefits that you simply won’t find at any other amphitheatre. With perks ranging from VIP packages to a huge outdoor lawn seating area, fans can rejoice in savouring an unforgettable atmosphere with their favorite performers.

So, if you’re scouring the internet searching for a venue to see your favorite artists and performers live on stage, then you’ve found it. Get yourself down to the Glen Helen Amphitheater and join the 65,000 capacity crowd this month!

Outdoor Lawn Seating

The Glen Helen Amphitheater speaks for itself when it comes to venues to host live music events. Being the biggest outdoor music venue in the entire country with a capacity of 65,000 people means that this venue has the biggest crowds, the best artists, the greatest festivals, and most importantly the most electric atmospheres! And what’s more, all of this can be outside in the glorious sunshine with a cold beverage with all of your closest friends and family.

Getting to watch you favorite artists, bands, and performers live is always going to be an unforgettable experience. But, being in the largest possible capacity outdoor crowd in the entire country is an experience all of its own. There really is little more than that to say. It’s no wonder fans flood from all over the world to catch live music festivals at this venue, so why not make this your next choice and see one of the upcoming events here?

PLEASE NOTE: It is encouraged for visitors to bring their own lawn chairs for added comfort throughout the event, however chairs will also be provided if needed upon arrival to the venue.

VIP Packages

Are you looking to upgrade your festival experience for a special occasion? Then you’ve found the right place. Maybe it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a memorable occasion for you and some family and friends, either way this is how you should make your trip that much more memorable.

Alongside standard ticket options, it is possible to secure various different VIP Packages which include different perks and benefits ranging from backstage passes, meet and greets, exclusive access to VIP areas, premium camping, private entrances, and VIP boxes. Any or all of these added benefits really do make the festival experience that much more unique, but they do sell out fast, so don’t wait for them and snap them up quickly for the memory of a lifetime.

Camping Information

Trying to find the information you need to know about camping rules and restrictions can be hard. So here, we’ve compiled a simple list so you can clearly see what’s allowed. P.S 1 case of beer/wine is permitted per 21+ person!
No Charcoal Grills/Open Flames – small camping propane tanks are OK
No Glass
No Weapons
1 case of beer/wine per 21+ person
$20 per additional person (each camping spot comes with 5 wristbands)
$20 per auxiliary car
$20 per tow car (that doesn’t fit in the camping spot)

Glen Helen Amphitheater Ticket policy

Last Minute Downloadable Tickets

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