Nocturnal Wonderland – 3 Day Pass at Glen Helen Amphitheater

Nocturnal Wonderland - 3 Day Pass Tickets

Glen Helen Amphitheater | San Bernardino, California

Come and join the biggest summer adventure…. North America's longest dance festival – Nocturnal Wonderland has RETURNED and will be coming to San Manuel Amphitheater on Friday 2nd September 2016!

Here is your chance to dance, dream and desire… this incredible event will leave you mesmerized by the artistic stages and Alice in wonderland inspired decor. There will be endless entertainment and talented performances all around the site but you are the headliner, making this a unique experience for the beholder.

Book your 3 Day Pass today and get ready to enjoy the feel good festival magic!Nocturnal Wonderland - 3 Day Pass at San Manuel Amphitheater

"Insomniac’s longest-running festival was one of the most entertaining, overwhelming, exhilarating experiences of my life, and I am here to shed some light on the love-filled, neon-lit, over-stimulating world of EDM for those on the outside of this fascinating subculture.

I knew the area surrounding the San Manuel Amphitheater had transformed into a completely different world for the annual festival. I entered with over fifty thousand fellow ravers, and throughout the festival grounds, giant, imaginative art installations towered over the crowd. I looked at my EDM fest-frequenting friends, and they smiled, explaining, “This is just the beginning.”"

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